About malware…

Frequently someone asks me for an advice which antivirus use, how to protect from the “viruses” and similar things. For this reason, I have decided to say some words about this on my blog.
A good antivirus software it is not all you need, above all, you need to control yourself. You have to avoid browsing on some not good internet pages, you have to avoid to install all software that you think “maybe will be useful”, in other words, work with computer responsibly and think of what can happen in advice.
Finally, think about all devices, that you have. It is not good to say “it is only tablet or phone”. This type of thinking has as a result a 614% grow of malware on Android devices in a year!
Also for the computer think what is going on. Now there is a Trojan malware where you have to answer on a survey!
And on “The Question” which antivirus software is good, I always avoid the response. The reason is simple: everyone of us has personal preferences and thinking. As a result of this, it is impossible to give the perfectly correct answer, but you can find Antivirus software tests here. This can give you a good view to find the right software..

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