Send mail on backup failure with Script

A lot of us, in small environment, is using Windows backup to backup all servers. To be honest, it is a good enough solution, but we have problems with reporting. For me, as an administrator, it is very important to know if a backup was successful or not. There is still another problem, that we have many small environments to check and it would be nice to receive reports thru mail.
As there I didn’t find a solution, I wrote a script, which runs as scheduled task (weekly or daily – as you prefer) and E-Mail me all errors on backup jobs in last X hours. It is working for me and now I am more secure that everything in the system is going in the right way. Be careful how you will use the script; it should be used on any server where you run Windows backup and if you are using Exchange for sending mails take care on authentication or create relay connector to allow the script to send an E-Mail.

Script could be downloaded here..

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