Upgrade from MDT 2010 to MDT 2012

Now is available a new version of MDT and of course there are new functionalities and new options. For this reason it is normal to upgrade it. There is no support to direct upgrade, but is very easy to upgrade it.
For the first thing, you have to uninstall the old version. You can uninstall it with default options, but be careful with deployment shares. You will need them in the future.
The second thing is a normal installation of MDT 2012. Then you have to start it. There you will see (or you will be able to import) all deployment shares, but they are not yet functional. They need to be upgraded.
Right click to any share and select the option upgrade. The share will be now present normally to the MDT and you will probably think that everything is OK, but if you try to use it, you will have problems. This is because you are still using the old boot image and this is the last step you have to do. You must rebuild all boot images and change them in WDS and other boot devices. I suggest, that in this step you select “Completely regenerate image”. You must have in mind that the version of MDT is changed and there are possible a lot of differences in the boot images.
That’s all. Make it a good use..

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