SharePoint 2013 Danger Update (?)

I had a bad surprise today when I tried to upgrade a server with SharePoint 2013 Foundation installed. Unfortunately, I didn’t put enough attention on SharePoint updates.
This month this is again one bed update! You can read about it here.

Fortunately, after a quick research of the situation, in my case the solution was simple. The cause why the service was down, was that Application pools in IIS were not running (and I restarted the server before). After I started pools, everything was OK.
So, in my case it was not very danger…

Hope this post was on time for someone..

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  1. Great site! I’ve found that you can also embed a PDF by copying the PDF url in to a Page Viewer (done in SharePoint 2010). I prfeer using the Page Viewer becuase it is easier to update.


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