Get XP Updates active until 2019

any of us have some PC’s used for POS terminals or have PC’ with similar functionalities. In these cases, it is practically impossible to change computer or OS, but you can enable a registry hack to continue receive XP updates. Of course, there are some limitations like SP3 installed and you have to know, that this workaround is done for Windows Embedded industry.
What do you have to do? It’s easy – just add a registry key:
In this key, you have to create a dword “Installed” with value 1.
This is all. If you prefer, you can also deploy this setting via GPO preferences or similar ways. Of course, Microsoft can change the way to deliver (or non-deliver) updates, so no one will grant you, that this workaround will really work until 2019.
Anyway, do not use this article as a reason to keep your XP machines. In any case XP is an old operating system, that is not compliant with today needs and it has to be replaced as soon as possible!.

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